High Tecnology

Alta tecnologia The terminal is suitable for storage of bulk liquids. The total volume of the park is tanking 62.000m³ (thirty-eight thousand cubic meters), distributed as follows: 4 (four) ³ 5.238 tanks (five thousand cubic meters), 6 (six) tanks of 2.565m³ (two cubic meters) and 6 (six) tanks 1.000m ³ (cubic meters). With a central pumping independent connections,modern loading docks featuring high-precision meters capable of carrying both 10 (ten)cars tanks with constant flow rate of 1200m ³ / h (one thousand two hundred cubic meters per hour).

Highest Quality

Qualidade Máxima Pandenor also has operating procedures that guarantee customers the quality ofstored produce and return the same specifications, previously analyzed.


Segurança The terminal has an advanced fire protection system that combines the use of water, which includes hoses and cannons that shoot water and foam, and are distributedstrategically in the areas of operation.
The terminal meets conditions that permit and operate according to international safety standards and environmental protection.

Specialized Services

Serviços especializados The terminal Pandenor in Suape, is connected to the liquid bulk pier has PGL1330m-long, two berths for ships of 190 meters in length and 14m depth for berthing ofvessels 45,000 DWT. Connected to this pier through two lines of carbon steel with a diameter of 10 and 12 inches with the condition of loading and unloading at a flow rateof 750m³ / h.

The terminal has facilities for receiving goods by road for up to 60 tons. The call waitingfor loading and unloading of trucks is done in a protected area, under the most stringent security requirements and operational quality.